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Welcome to jeffsdigital. I am a Senior Web and Mobile UX developer and designer from Baltimore, MD. I am also a rock lead guitarist and vocalist. I actually created the original version of this Website back in 2001. With this site I can experiment with Web and mobile design and development techniques, and I can showcase some of my digital artwork, acrylic artwork, and digital photography.

This site current design validates to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. My goal was to to develop it with Web standards, while keeping it somewhat interesting to look at.

Seriously, I will be updating this site soon with a sweet HTML5 and CSS3 based Responsive design!

The amazingly cool Media Queries site is a showcase of sites developed with Responsive Design. There are some very slick looking sites featured here, and the coolest part is to try them out in your various mobile toys to see how the UX changes! Enjoy!

Media Queries

Art & Web Design News

(Revamping this section... stay tuned!!)

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